Who We’ve Helped.

Johnson & Johnson.
McGraw Hill.
Shell Oil Company.
State of Louisiana.

Our work has appeared on some of the most goal oriented sites in the world. What these projects all share is a willingness to really challenge what's come before. We don't remember specifically deciding on it, but Tuple and high-risk initatives seem to go together. Quite well we'd add.

Prototype Like We're Right, Test Like We're Wrong.

Always Be Usability Testing.

Our above motto gets to the heart of when we're usability testing. Every designer feels they've done their due diligence to deliver what they know is the best experience. However, we quickly realized that being receptive to users' feedback, both positive and negative, has benefited every single project immensely.

Lastly, what matters to us is spreading the gospel of empathatic qualitative and data-driven quantitative culture to our clients. We give our clients not only a wealth of new insights into their customers, but also the confidence to model their own work around truly user-centric design.

Every client above already knows how to make money and expects us to deliver. Our ongoing usability testing strategy gives them the confidence they need when we suggest something drastic. They want assurances, and not from the person who designed it, which is why we have a dedicated team of specialists in usability testing.

What do those specialists do? Well, detailed market research generates "personas", aka target audience members. Other firms, if they make it that far, usually stop there. But we're just getting started! From day 1 our team is cultivating a large pool of demographically appropriate testers, developing test plans, conducting multi-day filmed studies in a variety of formats, authoring detailed reports, crafting recommendations that are fed back to Design, Engineering, and stakeholders, and finishing off by providing benchmarkable facts around the usability of the app.

Pro-Tip: Challenge your existing agency or team to tell you how they intend to impartially validate their design and interaction ideas prior to launch. Is their actual strategy to just wait for the Google Analytics data and "iterate quickly"? At Tuple our testing roadmap is as long as the project lifecycle because we expect our work to make money on the first try.




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