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Top Talent. We Never outsource or offshore.

At the heart of Tuple is the idea that Design, Engineering, and Usability aren't so different. All are racing towards perfect efficiency in the way they solve problems. None are complete without the other. In joining forces we united pieces few thought could coexist to accomplish more than the sum of our individual parts.

Our goal is to provide the single best resource to ambitious companies; both funded start-ups and established players. In person you'll often hear us say "access over ownership" because we have the talent available today, and it shouldn't matter to you how the builders of your dream file their taxes.

Our Core Triple Threat.

Andrew Templeton

Engineering Director, Co-founder

The bigger the engineering challenge, the bigger the grin on his face. Andrew has spent his career at the forefront of platform development and automation in industries ranging from e-commerce, construction, fleet logistics, and consumer banking.

Rare is the talent, but rarer still is his ability to apply emerging technology and guide Fortune 500 and IRCE 500 companies in a way that has clearly, qunatifiably, benefited them greatly. To Andrew, everything is math to be solved, to be made more efficient, and later to be discussed with perplexed Tuple designers.

Alec Eriksson

Creative Director, Co-founder

Alec is a seasoned interaction and visual designer whose work ranges from leading NASA outreach initiatives, to reimagining the e-commerce shopping experiences of mega-brands. Where other designers rely on anecdotal gut feelings, Alec believes that while good taste and aesthetics are paramount to an experience, they are worthless without a user-centric balance.

At Tuple, Alec is responsible for leading product design efforts and working with partners to develop ambitious high-end omnichannel experiences whose usefulness and beauty are equally apparent.

Melissa Meadows

Head of User Research & Testing

Carrying the torch of every research and usability endeavor begins and ends with Melissa. Equipped with a masters degree in Information and Library Science, NNG UX Certification, a litany of HCI and Information Architecture experience, a sharp wit, and a truly empathic nature, she basically kicks ass and takes names.

Usability validation isn't one-and-done, and Melissa works continually with Design, Engineering, and project stakeholders to improve the product through a crucible of qualitative and quantitative analysis. If it doesn't resonate with users, no idea or feature is sacred and we all know about it.

Designers. Engineers. Researchers. One Happy Family As Long As There’s Queso.

The foundation of Tuple is this: Everything we need to bring your dream to success is here, in-house, and ready to work. The team at kickoff is there until release, and aren't splitting their focus a half dozen or more ways inbetween. Our experience and focus means we do the job right the first time.

By keeping our team local, we don’t have to fight with either clock or calendar. When you call us, you know you’ll be calling us and only us. We never outsource, it's just us, and we don't bait n switch senior for junior talent like so many firms.

By maintaining a solid team, we have the implicit benefit of an experienced team that understands the nuances of collaboration. We work together, instantly and often, to bring you the greatest return on your investment without the awkward "getting to know" phase. We know each other, you know your product. Let’s work!




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